The Doncaster Netball Club was first established in 1987 as part of the Doncaster District Community Youth Club with the purpose of providing the youth of our community an opportunity to play a role in organised sport and build life skills in a controlled environment. As the club grew and matured it became dominant within both Netball and Basketball within the community and in 2014 the Netball Club incorporated in its own right to become what it is today.

The club is operated by our Committee of Management and supported by our coaches, team managers, parents and many volunteers. The Doncaster Netball Club continues to provide a competitive and fun environment with its association with the Doncaster and Districts Netball Association.

Our Values

Respect – for your teammates, opponents, umpires and officials, your parents and friends who support you
Sportsmanship – Win, Lose or Draw. Enjoy the wins, especially the big ones and be gracious in defeat when your opposition were too good on the day.
Appreciation – for coaches and club volunteers and to your parents and friends
Passion – Give it 100% all the time and expect the same from the people around you
Enjoyment/Fun – Have fun and enjoy your netball. Don’t be afraid to talk to the club if you’re not happy.

Calendar of Events

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Doncaster Netball is a Child Safe Association

We have zero tolerance for child abuse

We have systems in place to protect Children

We support and respect all children from diverse cultures or with disabilities or different needs

We at Doncaster Netball believe children and young people should:

  • Feel comfortable
  • Be cared for
  • Feel safe and be safe
  • It is always okay to tell someone if you are not feeling comfortable or safe or if you have been hurt.
  • If you ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable, we will listen to you and act to help you.
  • It is okay for you to say NO to an adult if they ask you to do something that makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable.
  • It is not okay for anyone to hurt your feelings or your body.

Contact the Doncaster Netball President if you have any concerns about Children or Young People.

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