The Doncaster Netball Club was first established in 1987 as part of the Doncaster District Community Youth Club with the purpose of providing the youth of our community an opportunity to play a role in organised sport and build life skills in a controlled environment. As the club grew and matured it became dominant within both Netball and Basketball within the community and in 2014 the Netball Club incorporated in its own right to become what it is today.

The club is operated by our Committee of Management and supported by our coaches, team managers, parents and many volunteers. The Doncaster Netball Club continues to provide a competitive and fun environment with its association with the Doncaster and Districts Netball Association.

Our Values

Respect – for your teammates, opponents, umpires and officials, your parents and friends who support you
Sportsmanship – Win, Lose or Draw. Enjoy the wins, especially the big ones and be gracious in defeat when your opposition were too good on the day.
Appreciation – for coaches and club volunteers and to your parents and friends
Passion – Give it 100% all the time and expect the same from the people around you
Enjoyment/Fun – Have fun and enjoy your netball. Don’t be afraid to talk to the club if you’re not happy.

Calendar of Events

Woolworths NetSetGo

NetSetGo is Netball Australia’s only junior entry netball program. It has been developed to provide children from the age of 5 years old with the best possible learning and playing experience to develop a positive introduction to netball.

Participants will take part in skill-based activities, minor games, and modified match play that will help them develop fundamental movement skills, as well as important social skills. Each session will be led by a trained coach, using modified equipment.

Included in every registration is a Size 4 Custom Netball and a NetSetGo T-Shirt.

More information about the program can be found HERE

Dates & Time – Currently running until September 2022 at 4.30PM 

Ages – 5 Years Old to 9 Years Old

Venue – Leeds Street Indoor Stadium Doncaster East

Cost - $76.00 (Introductory offer includes Netball Victoria membership Fee)

How does NetSetGo work?

NetSetGo is divided up into three tiers: Net, Set and Go. Where you start depends on your age and netball experience.

Net is for 5 to 6 year olds. It is all about picking up basic movement skills. This involves a lot of running, catching and ball games.

Set is for 7 to 8 year olds. It is a bit more netball focussed. This involves practice matches, footwork and passing.

Go is for 9 to 10 year olds. You will build on the fundamentals learnt in the Net and Set sessions, play netball matches and some more advanced drills.

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